Friday, July 20, 2012

Experts Discovered a 600 Years Old Bra

According to experts report  from the University of Innsbruck in Austria have found in a medieval castle Lemberg four flax bra for at least 600 years old.
Fashion experts recognize this finding as big surprise because up until now was thought that in early 19th century bras was in New York patented by Mary Phelps Jacob because she was not satisfied with her ​​standing over a rigid corset dress. Medieval bras was found in 2008, however experts have decided to first check their age using radioactive carbon.

The authors of the report point out that the four bras look just like a modern – they have a separate carts and suspenders and they suspect that they also closes on the back (buckles are not found). These garments were not only functional but also beautiful decorated with lace and other ornaments, which means that they were designed to give pleasure to women who wore them and their partners.

'We could not believe it, "said lead researcher, archaeologist Beatrix Nutz. 'According to current knowledge, in the 15th century there were no bras. '

Innsbruck team in the castle discovered more than 2,700 pieces of clothing, including male pants. Nutz says that women of that time under the dress did not wear anything. 'Underpants were regarded as a symbol of male domination, "explained the archaeologist. Some medieval paintings show men how they struggle with woman, which symbolize the struggle for predominance in the home in accordance with the famous saying: 'To know who wears the pants in the family.

It is interesting that the underwear of the Middle Ages were obviously more liberal than the one they wore in later centuries. But if we recall the fact that in the Middle Ages and gay marriages were legal, it is becoming clear that the stereotype of the dark ages can not be extended to all segments of the contem-porary civilization.

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