Monday, July 16, 2012

E-Cigs Come In Unusual Flavors

For seemingly forever, cigarettes have had a few flavor options; menthol has been a popular alternative for decades, among others. With an increasing number of cities enforcing tobacco bans in restaurants, bars, and public areas, the time has never been better for electronic cigarette flavors! They offer freedom and exciting choices.
Some electronic cigarette flavors like vanilla have been made available in higher-end traditional cigarettes already, but others are brand-new inventions from the e-cig age. It seems strange that some of these new flavors haven't been offered before. After all, caffeine and nicotine often go together, so why not smoke your coffee?

Fruity sweetness

Strawberry and apple are just the beginning for smokers who enjoy fruity flavors. Peach, cherry, cranberry, and pear are a few more popular choices. Just about any fruit you enjoy is probably available as a delicious flavor for your e cigs. Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and any other type of berry go well in this format, and just like chewing gum, you'll feel refreshed after a good fruity smoke.

Smoke your dessert

If you've always enjoyed a good cotton candy from the fair, you'll probably like the version now manufactured for e cigs. Mint, chocolate, and vanilla are three very popular ice cream flavors that are also available in cigarette form, and you could even go for a good coffee cigarette. For cola lovers, you can also choose pop flavors. Caramel apples, peanut butter chocolate, licorice, and even ice cream itself are some more options.

Alcoholic flavors 

Do you enjoy a stiff drink before bed? Why not try a whiskey, brandy, scotch, or beer in your e cigs? Drink tequila without the hangover through your cigarette, or enjoy a non-alcoholic schnapps flavor. There are a wide variety of alcoholic drink-inspired cartridges, so even if you opt for light summery drinks, you can find a fruit cooler cartridge that's sure to satisfy. For classy nights or a great New Year's celebration, switch to champagne.

Breakfast options 

Pancakes and waffles are a few unusual but delicious options that traditional cigarettes simply can't match. With butter, vanilla, and maple options, you can even flavor your breakfasts like you would pour on syrup. E cigs allow you to have a chocolate banana pancake, followed by a cinnamon roll, and pack on the flavor without filling up. Finish off your breakfast with apple juice, orange juice, or one of the other many juice flavors available, or have some green tea if you're planning a relaxing weekend.

Truly wacky ideas 

Even if you're craving a very specific flavor, there's a good chance you can find these flavors for your e cigs. Strawberry daiquiri, pear cobbler, pink lemonade and pomegranate are all available easily. Chances are good you will discover some flavors you never would have thought of putting in your e cigs, but once you find them, you'll fall in love.

E cigs are no longer limited to the same boring flavors as yesterday's traditional cigarettes. Thanks to innovations in technology, you can smoke any flavor you want and avoid public tobacco bans while enjoying a refreshing pick-me-up.

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