Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Evolution Of Barbie Doll

Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy-company Mattel, and launched in March 1959. American businesswoman Ruth Handler is credited with the creation of the doll using a German doll called Bild Lilli as her inspiration.

1. Barbie, 1959
The very first Barbie - the blonde with the ponytail - went on sale in 1959, her debut on the New York Toy Fair, and the cost then was $ 3. Full name of this girl - Barbie Millicent Roberts.

2. Barbie - the fashion designer, 1960
Although Barbie is now one of the most famous blondes in those days and she was a brunette.

3. Barbie motorists, 1961
4. Barby Singer, 1961
From 60's, Barbie dolls have had a new hair color - "Titan"

5. Girl in Red, 1962
Just look at this red coat! And this magnificent hair! This "volume" image is not so far away from today's catwalks.
6. Barbie - Queen of Fashion, 1963
With this headdress Barbie looks like a queen from the tomb of Pharaoh Tut. In the mid-60th dolls, including Barbie fashion queen, began to be more elegant styling.

7. Barbie-careerists, 1963
Barbie has to imitate the strong women of his era, including Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy.

8. Miss Barbie, 1964
Miss Barbie was the first doll with bendable legs and eyes that open and close. She also got her own first collection of wigs.

9. Barbie Color Magic, 1966
 Barbie had two hair color - golden blonde and midnight, and then they changed to Crimson Fire, and Ruby Red, respectively. And its packaging are well turned into a wardrobe.
10. Barbie Plush Pony, 1967
As we move into the fashion 60's style of Barbie and varied.

11.  Barbie, 1967
In addition to the new, younger faces, new eyelashes and shiny hair Barbie has the ability to rotate at the waist.

12. Barbie Fashion schemer, 1968
Short dress, coat, hat, belt, chain, socks and boots - it seems that this is too much for one girl, but Barbie looks great in that outfit.
13. Barbie in the fashion of the mini and maxi, 1970
If Barbie wants to be noticed, coat with faux fur collar, turquoise - is a great way to achieve this.

14. Barbie flower child, 1971
This Barbie is in the style of Cher raised hippie fashion to a new level.
15. Malibu Barbie, 1971
Airy doll in a California style. It was the first doll with an open smile showing white teeth. Also Malibu Barbie was a pretty deep tan.
16. Busy Barbie, 1972
So many things to do and so little time! We'll see. Need to call back and listen to these records, watch TV and go on a business trip, for which I was quite enough of this tiny suitcase.

17. Barbie Olympic skier, 1975
Just look at her outfit!

18. Barbie - Golden Dream, 1981
At the junction of 70y and 80-ies, this Barbie Golden Dream caught the intersection of two fashion trends, mixing the sparkle and light air-tissue volume in one amazing suit.
19. Barbie Roller, 1981
Barbie Roller was ready for life in an earthly paradise. Strange to say, but Ken, roller-skating, was dressed in the same clothes.

20. Barbie - jeans Designer , 1982
21. Barbie on a date, 1983
A few of us would choose this dress on a first date with a guy.

22. Barbie - Day & Night, 1985
23. Barbie - Astronaut, 1986
One small step for mankind ... sorry, for the world of dolls.

24. Barbie and «Rockers», 1986
25. Fashion Barbie, 1988
T-shirt, tied to a node-only feature, a fashion which has not yet returned.

26. Barbie - Air Force, 1991

In 1989, Barbie had joined the army in a form approved by even the Pentagon.

27. Barbie - Rapper, 1992
28. Barbie - Hair, 1992
29. Barbie - The diver, 1994

30. Fashion Barbie, 1996
In the provocative style of the 90th Barbie bought "mourning" shade with this model in black.

31. Barbie - Vet, 1996

32. Barbie-style Harley Davidson, 1997
She is ready to ride!

33. Pilot NASCAR, 1998

34. Businesswomen, 1999
Just look at the size of her cell! Barbie Businesswomen got it all!
35. Barbie presidential candidate, 2004
What a presidential candidate without a neat red dress? Looks like Hillary Clinton
36. Barbie - Producer, 2005
Although, in this photo it looks more like a secret agent than a producer.

37. Barbie - Chef, 2008
Barbie in the kitchen, and she's going to demonstrate their ability to cook on TV!

38. Barbie IT-engineer, 2010
By 2010, Barbie is wearing a t-shirt with a binary code.


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