Friday, May 16, 2008

Hugging With Tigers

When petting a tiger, you wouldn’t get out in one piece. Luckily, there’s one place where you can do just that without getting harmed. Thailand’s Tiger Temple is the place where you can meet some friendly tigers, shake hands, pet them or rub their bellies.



  1. I suggest you do a little more research as this Tiger Temple isnt what it seems. The truth of the matter is, these Tigers are used for profit. They are harrassed all day long by tourists who want to pet them,. I found over 20 videos of the Tigers @ Tiger Temple bitting and fighting back as they are annoyed of this captivity and abuse. Heres one displaying Tigers for what they really are; slaves.

  2. You know, Tania, I actually agree with you, but your attitude is doing these tigers more harm than good. When you start out your post like this "I suggest you do a little more research", you sound like a condescending know-it-all.

    So while yes, I agree with you about the tigers (hell, anyone who's ever owned a cat knows that felines don't like to be fucked with all day), I suggest YOU do a little more research into social graces and acting like you had a mama who raised you right.

  3. and I agree with Anonymous as soon as i read that "you do a little more research" I shut down anything else you had to say cause i instantly disliked you.

    Tigers are my favorite animals So yes i don't want to see them being harassed but when you go around pointing out peoples faults and sounding like a "condescending know-it-all" are you any

    The person who wrote this blog just thought it would be cool and interesting and that other people might enjoy it.Not so snooty people can reply and tell him he is wrong.

    I suggest in the nicest way possible that you get off the computer and go join a picket line or a foundation to help them out not gripe at someone online...and before anyone says that im a hypocrite i am already in a foundation and today is our free day lol.

  4. While tania IS being a bit of a tool, you two are also passing judgement immediately, making yourselves no better. In terms of being a know-it-all, speak for yourself. Regardless tigers rule.

  5. In these pictures the tigers don't seem to mind the attention that they are getting. I don't see any of them being "fucked with" as you put it, and I'm sure the people that keep them don't support such behavior.

  6. I looked into it after seeing this just now, it seems Tania is right. This Tiger Temple is exploiting the animals for commercial gain - their are quite a few sources detailing evidence of animal abuse, "[..] they beat the tigers to force complacency".

    I'd post a site that has pictures showing the above but it may be too graphic.

  7. The Tiger Temple in Thailand is run by monks, Buddhist Monks. The reason for the tourism, and tourists is to raise money to finish the sanctuary, and to feed the tigers. I suggest that instead of worrying about the current care of animals in another country, that you all concentrate your efforts on animals in your country. Also, these tigers are wild animals, despite being in captivity they still have wild tendencies. I've watched a few videos, and let me say, ttrying to move a tiger, and abusing a tiger are two different things.

  8. you guys are retarded dont you know you cant argue over the intranet? DONE, NEXT!

  9. Fantastic! Will the tiger stay like that when his hungry?

  10. Y'know, this was an incredibly mature discussion as to how Tania could have gotten their point across better. I commend all of you, seriously, you don't see enough of that on TeH IntraWebzZZ

  11. actually, there is a place in the us that you can pet and get pictures taken with tigers. you get to spend the whole day with them, and they aren't "beaten" or "harassed." It's $180 a person and it really is quite fun! It's in Myrtle Beach, SC. Its a tiger preservation society. I held a white tiger and a baby one!!!

  12. "I suggest that instead of worrying about the current care of animals in another country, that you all concentrate your efforts on animals in your country."

    Perhaps even better, worry about the people in your country. Too many are more concerned with the health and welfare of animals, either halfway across the world or in their own backyard, than with the health and welfare of members of their own species.

    What a backwards race we are. We'll raise a fuss over some tigers being cared for by monks of a faith that preaches peace and harmony towards all being, but not give a damn about a fellow human.

  13. One thing I've heard about any place that offers people the chance to interact with tigers is that they often drug the tigers up so that they are not aggressive. The tigers, constantly drugged, often develop cataracts and go blind. I'm not saying this place does that, but seriously if you run a place and have tourists interacting with tigers, I'm betting 9 times out of 10 you're drugging them up.

  14. Well, I also looked over the video...
    And I agree with Anonymous. Trying to get a tiger to move and abusing it are two different things. I didn't see anything that serious. Just a pissed-off tiger and it's handlers trying to move it to another area. No biggie. I don't think it's anything to worry about in that particular case.

  15. Pitiful to see these beautiful animals being exploited like this.

  16. With regards to the notorious Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, following complaints from tourists and volunteers about tigers being mistreated there, Care for the Wild International (CWI) undertook an intensive two year investigation. The CWI report reveals evidence of illegal wildlife trade, animal cruelty, false conservation claims and visitor safety risks at the Temple.

    You can read CWI’s report at:

    The press release - "Illegal tiger trade, cruelty and human health hazards at famous tourist destination":

    This issue has widespread media coverage:

    "Black market tigers linked to Thai Temple, Reports says"
    National Geographic News, 20 June 2008:

    "Thai tiger temple a con job, says wildlife group"
    The Straits Times, 21 June 2008:

    "UK wildlife group slams Tiger Temple"
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    "Danish tour operator boycotts well-known Thai tourist attraction"
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    Canada: CBC National News, 9 July 2008:

    "Danes join boycott of tiger temple"
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    "New report says Thai Temple misleads visitors, abuses tigers"
    Ethical Traveller, July 2008:

    "Paradise Lost"
    The Star, 15 July 2008

    Spiegel article (in German):,1518,562903,00.html

    Additionally, Animal Planet TV channel have now dropped their programme on the Temple.

  17. In response to the suggestion that the Tigers are beaten and mistreated: 1) the Temple is indeed run by
    buddhist monks (not exactly known for their violent nature and 2) It is well documented that animals that are abused tend to act out violently. While I agree that these tigers could be exploited for profit, if they were being beaten they would likely become extremely vicious and dangerous...and they're not.

  18. i have been myself and talked with volunteer vets there and they said themselves if they were harmed or misstreated in anyway they would not be there. it was a very special experiance. they over feed them so they are lazy and have been raised since cubs by the monks.At the end of the day if a Big cat dont want to play it wont play!!!!

  19. What is wrong with some of you people??? Tania made a what was for her a heartfelt post and half of you seem to have lashed out at her...question is why the over-reaction?!
    I don't like seeing animals or people being exploited and it happens out of sheer ignorance often-times the ignorant see no harm in what they are doing and therein lies the problem.. but some of the comments made here are harsh and unnecessarily can make a point and a rebuttal without belittling a person...unless of course that person makes a completely asinine or nasty response then take them down by all there is a couple of posts that deserve the snippy comments but some of you have just been too busy ganging up on Tania..